One of the yearly highlights for anglers occurs in the early summer, when the garpike shoals swim past the shores of the Hanö Bay. Every year, the garpike return into the Baltic Sea after their winter stay in the Atlantic. A dependable spring sign, they are sighted in the Öresound strait in early May. A week or two later, they swim past the shores of Landön and then continue their journey into the Baltic Sea to their spawning grounds, and small herring.


In the north-east of Skåne the rumor spreads fast: the garpike is here! The Näbbgäddan is a splendid fighter, and specimens of just over half a meter and nearly a kilo, will test the skill of the fisherman with jumps into the air, quick runs, and tactical tricks. Fishing at Landön is widely known, and in addition to garpike, you can fish for salmon, salmon trout, pike, perch, and cod.