Landöns Camping has six seasonal options:


Whole season,           13 april   - 15 september

Split season short,     13 april - 19 juni + 1 augusti - 15 september

Split season long,      13 april - 30 juni + 1 augusti - 15 september

Early season short,     13 april - 19 juni

Early season long,       13 april - 30 juni

Late season,                   1 augusti - 15 september


The price of electricity is SEK 2.50/Kwh



Seasonal vacancies 2019:

Contact us for information!



The booking fee for seasonal places - SEK 1,500 - must be paid no later than January 4. The remaining amount must be paid before arrival.


When payment of the booking fee (SEK 1,500) has been made, you have then confirmed that you want the place, and that you have approved our seasonal rules. In case of cancellation of the place, no refund of the booking fee is made. In case of cancellation after March 31st, we will charge the entire season fee and no refund will be made.





Customers who were seasonal campers the previous season, have priority choice in selecting the same spot as they rented the previous season in the overall selection of camping spots for the upcoming season.




If you want to change places for next year, send an inquiry to The wishes will be dealt with in turn. There is no standing list from year to year. Instead, you must re-register your interest to change camping spot each year.